Welcome to FUTS

This is the official website of Freedom University and Theological Seminary, Pottstown P.A USA, this institute is the Educational Arm of Council of Bishops and Pastors Freedom Worldwide, the headquarter is located in USA with other African campuses. The school operates within the legal confine of its International and Africa Registration.
The school was founded in January 2005 by Bishop Devin Park SR. (USA) The Executive President and Archbishop Prof. Edwin Nnamji Ozuzu (JP) Co-founder/Executive Vice President and Vice Chancellor.

University is a place where great minds come together and critically analyze issues with a view to finding out which way to follow. It is in this form of analysis that critical thinking arises and researches are carried out to advance learning. Universities are not about teaching and learning alone, they are centers of excellence where researches are carried out. Freedom University Awards its degrees in character and learning. We must be courageous to say that unless character is brought to bear on the stance of learning then the Degree has failed in its entirety.Christian Education is programmed to liberate mind, the soul as well as the spirit. Education has the ability to redirect the thoughts of man from hostility to servility. Hence the birth and growth of our Theological University is timely and is a step in the right direction. Our Theological University has a universal appeal in course content and all that it does and our university will become the apogee of a citadel of learning in the sense that it will in future and indeed all over the world become the highest seat of learning in RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, MANAGEMENT AND EVANGELIST MISSIONS.
Please note that Freedom University degree is not for Zombies, it is not for robots, it is not for melancholic rather;it is a Degree for a total man. We really want to state that for any Christian University to achieve its aim, it must not masquerade itself as a university while in its entirety, it is an advance school of theology. A Christian University must be one of a paradigm, the famous Havard University we know started as a Christian University and was founded by a born again Christian.
A Christian University should be devoid of Cultism, Grade trading, Extortion, Exploitation and Sexual Harassment.
Our Christian University started with a faculty of Religious Education but will eventually be a multi-discipline establishment that will affects the world positively. Meanwhile as we major in RELIGION. Some of our focus outline includes: To train Christians in the Ministry and other professionals, to create new and exciting dimensions in their subject areas with the American blend of education in order to produce self reliant graduates, to infuse the love and fear of God into our trainees by making our graduates cult free and to provide scholarship opportunities for students.